About Us – New Fairfield

Our New Fairfield office is located in the center of New Fairfield across the street from the pharmacy and around the back of the doctors office. We are located in the heart of New Fairfield, at the corner of Routes 37 and 39.

Our facility offers 3,000 square feet of space, with two private treatment rooms and a fully equipped expanded gym, and a pilates/yoga room. Some may call it a hidden gem and when you enter our office you will be greeted with bright smiles of those around you ready to help to make you feel better.

Our staff at Physical Therapy Arts includes physical therapists,  a massage therapist,  a yoga instructor, and a reiki practitioner.   Our collaborative wellness approach to rehabilitation ensures you get the very best care.

Our physical therapists will perform a thorough initial examination and create an individualized treatment plan to best fit your needs. Whether you are a high school athlete needing rehabilitating after a sports injury or someone who has had chronic back pain for years, our therapists have extensive knowledge in how to get you “back on your feet.” Our therapists also have specialized knowledge in treatment of vestibular and neurological impairments and have experience working with both pediatric and adult clientele. Call and speak with one of our intake specialists about your current condition and goals. He or she will recommend one of the licensed physical therapists on staff — someone who has experience working with clients like you.

Please call us for more information, to schedule a physical therapy appointment or sign up for a fitness class today at (203) 312-0211!

Hours of Operation:

Mon, Wed, & Fri: 7am – 7pm
Tue & Thur: 8am – 7pm
Sat: 7am – 12 noon as needed
(Hours may be subject to change. May close some holidays & weekends)